what our clients say

Our true life stories each relate different experiences, all with different outcomes. Yet each illustrates the trusted relationships we form and the integrity and responsiveness of the services we provide.

Peace of Mind

“More importantly the medical acumen was excellent – we met experts in the relevant fields and the diagnosis and treatments were totally on the mark. I feel a great peace of mind knowing who to go to in times of crisis – and also who to turn to for more routine medical help.” 
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Careful Planning

“From the moment I walked into the clinic until the time I was finished, every single moment was utilised to its fullest. This couldn’t have happened without the careful planning Qineticare had made with the nursing staff ahead of my trip.” 
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Knowledge and Experience

“If you are uncertain about the path to take in the unfortunate event of a difficult health issue, I strongly recommend the services of Qineticare. Qineticare’s considerable knowledge and experience will guide the patient and their family towards appropriate healthcare based on a holistic approach that caters to both medical and emotional issues.”  
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“Our doctor treated my brother with such tender care that I cannot forget his contribution. The timely access to other medical practitioners whenever needed was always quickly organised, and the nursing care from the staff at the hospital throughout our stay were simply breath-taking.”  
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Priority Access

“The afternoon of my scan I received the results. In the evening, I met with the doctor again, and he suggested the surgery, which to my surprise, was set for 8am the following morning.”  
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Dedicated Support

“At a time when you feel lost and overwhelmed, what we needed was someone who could help us ask the right questions and follow through with the correct treatments and tests. This is where Qineticare helped us truly; their expertise was invaluable and provided us with a sense of much needed clarity.”
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