Our sole purpose is to ensure your family’s wellbeing and peace of mind, through pro-active guidance and priority access to the finest healthcare and wellness professionals.  

If your health is your wealth, how exactly are you protecting it?

Read Feisal Alibhai’s article on this subject in the March issue of The International Family Offices Journal, describing his holistic vision of health and why he founded Qineticare.

As a global family health office built on over a decade of service, we help you and your family protect, manage, and improve your most important assets - Health and Wellbeing.

Taking a multi-dimensional approach, we advise families on how to build a long-term support system and provide personalised care around each family member’s physical health, as well as emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing, through each stage of their life.

All with the support of a multi-disciplinary team acting with true care at its core.


Health cycle management

Acquiring the right healthcare is time consuming and frequently confusing. Which doctor has the best surgical track record? Which hospital offers the best resources to care for your particular health issue? When there is more than one option, how do you decide which treatment to pick? Are there alternative therapies?

From diagnosis to access, treatment planning to therapy adherence, lifestyle change to caregiver support, our goal is to transform your focus from reactive illness management to proactive and preventative healthcare.


Whether you require routine care or are facing an emergency, do you have

  • 24/7 support
  • access to your health records any time, no matter where you are
  • one point of contact to call for medical assistance when travelling

We provide a range of support and coordination. With us by your side, you enjoy peace of mind.


When it comes to your day-to-day care

  • how is your care coordinated
  • do you know you doctor? does your doctor know you
  • how aware are you of the latest preventative care
  • are you enjoying optimal health

We build your dream team of health and wellness experts and provide professional management as issues arise, or better still . . . prevent early.


Do you have an ongoing health issue? Are you equipped to handle multiple chronic complexities?

Diagnosed with an acute condition? Where to start?

Are you facing the challenges of caring for a loved-one at a distance? Or taking care of aging parents?

We stand by your side as your advocate through each and every step of the care cycle, so that you and your family can focus on . . . getting well and staying well.


Beyond Medical . . .

Our holistic approach to optimal wellbeing starts with asking some basic questions. How well do you “eat”, “move”, “sleep” and “think”?

How are you eating, moving, sleeping today? Do you have consistent energy throughout the day? Do you set aside ‘me’ time to practice self-care daily? Do you stay connected to loved ones? Do you live in a state of ‘flow’ with clear purpose and fulfillment?

On the journey of optimal living, we are your partner, supporting you by:

  • combining the healing arts from the East with cutting-edge science from the West
  • providing world-class expert guidance
  • supplying one-on-one personalized coaching

If your family’s health and wellbeing is at the top of your agenda, get in touch.