Feisal Alibhai, Founder and CEO

Feisal Alibhai, Founder and CEO

Born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and a graduate of The University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School, Feisal moved to Hong Kong in 1992 to open the buying office of his Eastern European company, which expanded into a successful FMCG distribution business across war torn Africa.

Feisal’s personal experience was the inspiration for Qineticare: At the age of 35, married with two young boys, he was diagnosed with stage three cancer.

His road to recovery revised his priorities and highlighted the importance of maintaining balance between access to the finest medical care and comprehensive medical insurance on the one hand, and family support and living a purposeful life on the other.

This experience taught him that, irrespective of education and wealth, unexpected medical issues are rarely handled well, and inspired him to found Qineticare to reach out and share his insight and expertise with others.

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"After recovering from my illness, friends and family began asking assistance in arranging the quality of healthcare I had received. Word spread to friends of friends, and then their friends. Over the next eight years, I devoted a third of my time to assisting others to access the finest medical care. 
This experience revealed that regardless of health, wealth or education, most people do not have the information and preparation necessary to take charge of their health. To resolve this challenge, we built a health platform - Qineticare, founded on nearly a decade of service."
- Feisal Alibhai