Our passionate belief is that the quality and longevity of your life depends on preventing health problems and knowing who to go to when something unexpected happens.

Qineticare is the first global family health office, based in Hong Kong.


Families who ...

  • value health and wellbeing as their most precious asset
  • appreciate professional management and advice
  • cherish health and wellbeing as the cornerstone of generational continuity

Our purpose is to ensure your peace of mind and be your advocate throughout the health cycle.




As your family health office, we help you invest in and manage all aspects of your family’s health wellbeing, from lifelong wellness planning to medical emergencies. When required, we arrange priority access to the finest healthcare professionals.


At all times we maintain a proactive, personal focus: guiding and supporting you, while providing all the right connections to ensure your complete well-being and peace of mind.


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