We help families around the world ensure their collective wellbeing and peace of mind, through pro-active guidance and access to the finest professionals. We are the world's first global family health office.



Qineticare is the first global family health office (FHO). Built on over a decade of service, we help you and your family protect, manage and improve your most important asset: health and wellbeing.

Health, wealth and lifestyle represent three interdependent dimensions of a family’s complete wellbeing.

Families often engage professional managers to look after their financial wealth and lifestyle needs, but who provides advice and advocacy for the third – and arguably the most important dimension – health, which is vital for a family’s longevity and generational continuity?

Taking a multi-dimensional approach, we advise families on how to build a long-term support system with a global network of world-renowned medical and wellbeing experts.

Through the structure of a family health office, we provide personalised care around each family member’s physical health, as well as emotional, mental and relationship wellbeing, at each stage of their life.

Our multi-disciplinary team acts as your true advocate, supporting you throughout your whole health cycle.

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Achieving the right life balance


Qineticare is the world’s first Family Office for Health helping clients achieve physical, mental and relationship wellness read more >